Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay - you're hearing about it more and more, but you aren’t quite sure what it is.

This is a special kind of modeling clay that can be used to create anything you can imagine. When you are done with your art creation, baking polymer clay can be done without a kiln. All you need to harden this clay is an oven.

People usually think of the same old messy, sticky, red substance when they think of art clay, but this is totally different:

  • This kind of clay comes in many beautiful colors
  • It does not harden when exposed to the air
  • Polymer modeling clay is not messy and won’t create unnecessary clutter

You can use your fingers and hands to create any type of art you want with polymer clay, as it is incredibly soft and pliable. It can be fun, creative, silly, serious, magical - your imagination is truly the only limit!

There are a number of special clay tools that you can use to help sculpt with, but they are not necessary and you can use tools you already have like a toothpick, knife, or even a spoon!

Historically, this new clay was used to make beads and jewelry. But, artists have been stretching the limits of this clay to make all types of amazing art. Polymer clay artists are still making beautiful clay jewelry and clay beads as well as incredibly life-like clay sculptures of people, animals, flowers, and even whole landscapes.

Truly anything you can imagine is now being created out of this clay, as it is easy to work with and can be hardened using only a common home oven. This clay will hold detail and retain its color over time, and will even maintain a degree of flexibility after baking, enabling you to easily combine clay pieces to your liking.

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