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Sculpture Pro is an oil based clay made by Clay World. It can be used for sculptures, industrial design, architecture, mold making rapid prototyping.

Sculpture pro conditions conditions very quickly in your hand. You do not need to heat Sculpture Pro up or wait for it to be ready - you can start working with it immediately.

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Sculpture pro does not contain sulfur, so it is perfect for mold making and rapid prototyping. Just pour your mold mixture on Sculpture Pro and it will cure without any issues.

Sculpture Pro is also great for sculpting, because it sticks to armatures very easily. You can create anything you can imagine with it.

To blend Sculpture Pro you can use any type of clay conditioning oil or baby oil. Do not use alcohol or heat. Extreme temperatures will burn Sculpture Pro.

Sculpture never hardens so you can use it and reuse it multiple times.

Sculpture Pro is made by Clay World. Clay World is a small, family-owned company which is dedicated to bringing great and unique clay products to the world.

For those more inclined towards oil based clays, we have the Sculpture Pro clay from Clay World, a small family-owned business dedicated to creating the best clay products possible for users with all levels of experience. They specifically designed this type of clay to work for professionals in the industry looking to create various types of projects. This clay is perfectly suited for creating professional level models in all different industries, so you can trust in the versatility of this material regardless of the field you work in. It can be used to create professional sculptures, architectural models, vehicle designs, and general prototyping. 

It is an easy material to work with, despite being intended for professional use, so you can quickly pick up this material and get started experimenting with it. It will warm up fairly quickly in your hands and can be reheated to be reused another day. Sculpture Pro adheres to wiring and armature easily, which makes it fantastic for creating figurines and sculptures using a framework. It is also free of any sulfur, making it safe for quickly preparing molds and prototypes. Generally speaking this is a great, versatile material that gives you professional-grade results without being finicky. You can do a great deal with this clay and have fun working with it to create high-quality products. For anyone looking to get more involved with professional tier materials and advance their skills, the Sculpture Pro clay is a great place to begin.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Sculpture Pro does not get baked in the oven.
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