3 Must Know Tips to be Successful with Papa's Clay

Papa's clay is unlike any polymer clay you've ever used before. It has an amazing texture and feel, beautiful colors, and quicker baking time than any other polymer clay.

Because Papa's clay is so special, there are three must-know tips to be successful when crafting with it.

1. Heat it in your hand before you work with it

In order to make Papa's clay workable, you only need to hold it in your hand for a short period of time.  For larger pieces, holding it in your hand for about two minutes is enough.  Smaller pieces usually only need about 10-15 seconds.  No kneading, rolling, or running through a pasta machine is required to make it workable.  Once it's ready, then it will have an amazing, velvety-smooth texture and you'll be able to make magnificent art with it.

2. You need an oven thermometer

Papa's clay cooks in just 15 minutes.  It has a great hardness and flexibility after it's been baked.  But, you need to bake it at the correct temperature otherwise the polymers cannot do what they need to fully cure the clay.  Even though our ovens are great and often very expensive, the built-in thermometers are not accurate for the temperature inside the oven. To truly have the best experience with Papa's clay and to ensure you are cooking it at the correct temperature, an oven thermometer is an absolute necessity.

3. Work in small pieces and layers at a time

One major benefit of Papa's clay is that it conditions so quickly and easily.  The best way to utilize the feature is to work with small pieces of clay using only what you need at the moment.  Small pieces of clay will become conditioned in a matter of seconds.  However, if you condition a large piece and then stop using it for a period of time, you might have to condition it again.  That is why it's best to use small pieces and layers for super quick conditioning.