Oil Based Clay

Oil-based clay is clay mixed with oil so that it can be easily used for sculpting. This high-quality clay does not dry out and does not harden like typical dry clay.

Usually, when people think of clay, they think of red, sticky clay that dries out and needs to be fired in a kiln. However, oil-based clay is not messy and does not need to be fired in a kiln either, making it an easier-to-use alternative that artists love.

Oil based clay is a type of clay that can be used for many different artistic purposes. It can be used for:

  • sculpting
  • industrial design
  • rapid prototyping
  • creating molds

This kind of clay can be used for many other purposes too, from fun and casual uses to purely professional ones as well. You can make and sculpt just about anything with oil-based modeling clay. Like many art materials, your imagination is the limit.

Some clays are very hard and need to be heated up to be made workable. The oil clays that are available in our store can be used as-is or made workable with just your hands.

Different oil-based clays can be blended using different types of materials. Some types of oil-based clay can be blended using alcohol and others can be blended using conditioning oil or baby oil.

Oil based clay is great for sculpting because it holds detail very well. It is quick to work with and can be reused over and over for different projects as needed. It also sticks to armature very well so it can be used with armature to bulk out sculptures.

Many artists use oil clays for rapid prototyping because it is so easy to use and sculpt effectively. Since it doesn’t really dry out, it has a shelf life that can last for multiple years.

Since high-quality clays like this do not contain any sulfur, they can be used for creating casting molds. You can even use your clay creations as a container for your pourable silicone molds.