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Pro Needle Tool

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Used to cut heavy clay strips, designs, and holes, this tool is used with many art mediums for a wide variety of uses - too many to name! This 6 5/8" long tool has a sharp needle and is firmly set in a textured aluminum handle providing a firm grip for wet hands.

Kemper Tools are high quality tools made in the USA. They are sturdy, feel great in your hand, and will last a lifetime. If you are looking for the best quality tools, choose Kemper.

This pro needle tool will became a main part of your polymer clay tools arsenal! It is very well made, durable, and feels great in your hand while you are working on your art.

If you are relying on smaller needles as tools, it is time to upgrade to the pro needle tool.  Your hands will thank you and your art will improve as you start to use a tool that is much easier to wield.

Upgrade your tools with the Pro Needle Tool from Kemper and you will thank us for sure!

Here are some of the ways we use our pro needle tool:

Take your pro needle tool and gently roll it over two pieces of clay that you want to blend. Repeat this step without using too much force and your clay pieces will get rolled together smoothly.

Small detail:

You can use the point on the pro needle tool for precision marks, indentations, trimming and any other type of detail work.


You can also find us using it create wood textures, or for animals sculptures to create both long and short fur by dragging the point along your clay at an angle.