Where to buy polymer clay

Global shortages, supply chain issues, and an on-going pandemic have left many artists wondering: where to buy polymer clay?

Where to buy polymer clay mystery


As clay artists, our world has seemingly been turned upside with our new inability to find the supplies and colors we need. It used to be so easy to go to the store and find what we needed. In the past our favorite stores would maybe be missing a color or two. However, now, they seem to be completely out of polymer clay. Unfortunately, sculpting is our hobby, so we have been left without our favorite way to relax and cope with the current world. Even worse, some sculptors rely on polymer clay for their livelihood. So, being unable to answer the question of where to buy polymer clay has grave consequences for those artists.

Worried about polymer clay


We’ve all been looking for where to buy polymer clay in this new world we live in. Polymer clay prices seem to be artificially inflated on many different platforms like Amazon, etsy, eBay and Walmart. Many pieces of clay are being sold for astronomical prices for just a small 2 ounce block. Some of these prices are so high it seems unreal and an unfortunate capitalization of supply and demand.

Hundred Dollar Bills


Other online stores are struggling to get supply and product from the manufacturers. They are trying desperately to help get you the polymer clay that you want so badly. Rest assured, they are trying their hardest to keep their inventory filled so that they can help you continue crafting. However, they are also facing the same supply shortages and logistical nightmares. So, polymer clay artists are left searching for their favorite colors of polymer clay and waiting for email or text message updates as new colors slowly trickle in and sell out fast.

It might seem like there is no good option on where to buy polymer clay now. However, there is hope: Firefly Art Supplies was founded by polymer clay enthusiasts for other polymer clay enthusiasts. We started our business to help share the love of polymer clay with everyone. Nothing brings us more joy than packing an order of clay for our customers knowing that we’re helping them get the polymer clay they’ve been searching so hard for.



We have over 35 colors of in-stock polymer clay. Not only that, but the number of our new and unique colors is steadily increasing. We sell polymer clay in 2.6 ounce blocks and we always have sales, so you’re paying less money for more polymer clay. Finally, we’re stocking our store with tools, accessories, cutters, paints, and pigments so that we can provide everything that a polymer clay artist could ever ask for.

Papa's Clay Polymer Clay


Next time you hear someone ask where to buy polymer clay, the answer should be simple: Firefly Art Supplies. Check out our polymer clay and clay tools and accessories today. And, more importantly, never worry about where to buy polymer clay again because we have a whole warehouse stocked and are ready to deliver polymer clay to you!

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