Polymer clay and Papa's Clay create a magic fairy door

Imagine walking through the woods and seeing this unbelievable fairy door! We can hardly believe that it is made out of Papa's Clay - it looks so real. If nothing else it is magic.

This door was made by one of the most talented polymer clay artists, Marko Lovrenski. Marko is certainly the most experienced Papa's Clay sculptor!

Marko started out with some Papa's Clay and made a tree and door out of polymer clay. Notice the extreme attention to detail?



Then, Marko added some acrylic paint details to the trees to give them some depth and shadows. You can paint Papa's Clay before it cures! Papa's Clay absorbs paint and details very well.



Marko then adds even more detail using polymer clay to look like moss. Using a dotting tool on Papa's Clay makes an excellent moss pattern. Again, using a bit of acrylic paint and powders on Papa's Clay adds a lot of color.


So, what's the amazing finished product look like?



Anything is possible with some imagination and Papa's Clay. Patience and practice will also help you improve as a polymer clay artist.


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