Benefits of Creating Your Own Polymer Clay Jewelry

Some of us are always in search of something to do, something that we can do in our free time that’s actually fun and just for us when we need a break from everything. One hobby that we see many people enjoying right from the get-go is crafting their own polymer clay jewelry and other little projects with this clay.

It is incredibly fun and easy to fit into your free time whenever you get the chance. Before we get ahead of ourselves here, let’s take a look at some of the things that draw people in and get them excited about making their own jewelry. Here are some of the biggest reasons we have seen people pick up this hobby.

Makes a Fun Hobby

Generally speaking, creating anything out of polymer clay can be incredibly fun and a great way to spend your free time.

It is good to make things with your own hands and to have a creative outlet, especially if your line of work is less relaxed and artistic. Creating polymer clay jewelry can be a good way to unwind and let out your creativity as you make beautiful pieces that you can then wear and show off anytime you like.

Easy to Pick Up

An attractive aspect of polymer clay is that it is very accessible and easy to pick up on in a fairly short amount of time. That is largely due to the fact that you do not need much in order to get started.

Unlike some other forms of clay, you do not need a kiln to heat and set your art, you can do that right in your oven. The materials themselves are reasonably priced and the rest comes down to a little bit of practice. Working with clay can be pretty intuitive as well, so you can get the hang of things quickly and start making all of the pieces you want.

Make Personalized Gifts

Trying to figure out the perfect gift idea for your loved ones can be stressful and challenging for anyone. You want to find something that they will genuinely like and use in their normal life and be grateful for.

It is just not always easy to find that in a store, which makes customized gifts come in handy. As you create polymer clay jewelry for yourself, you can also set aside time to create a few pieces for your loved ones who wear jewelry and make them perfectly match their tastes. A handmade gift is a lot less common these days, but always appreciated since it has such a personal touch to it. It makes the gift feel more personal and special since it was made just for them and it gives you a great gift idea to fall back on.

Advice for Getting Started

Now that you have heard so much about crafting your own polymer clay jewelry, you may be a little more curious about the whole process.

We took the time to specially call out how easy it can be to get started creating jewelry out of polymer clay, but now we want to give some more specific advice that we have found to be helpful in many cases. We have seen people from all walks of life with any amount of experience handling clay pass through FireFly Art Supplies, so we have seen those who are fully confident in their abilities to create what they want and those who are just eager to start for the first time.

Because of this, we have seen some of the more common concerns people find and some of the best ways to work around them, so now we want to share some of this helpful information with you. Hopefully, some of this advice could prove itself useful to you so that you find the experience a little bit easier as you just start making your earrings and necklaces.

The simplest advice we could give is to start small, especially if you do not have much prior experience working with any type of clay. Choose designs that seem like they could be easier to handle and don't get overambitious.

You might be excited to try lots of new things all at once, but if things do not work out how you want them to, you could easily become discouraged. Lots of our customers have found success in visiting crafts blogs and videos for inspiration and helpful visuals that show them how their polymer clay jewelry looks every step of the way. Give yourself some small practice runs to get into the rhythm of things and don't take your time with all of it. As with any skill or craft, you may not get things the way you want right away, but you can certainly improve quickly if you are careful and patient.

Ultimately, the best advice we can give you is to just relax and enjoy the experience overall. It should be something that you genuinely like doing regardless of the outcome or what you choose to do with each piece. Let yourself enjoy the entire experience from every mistake or every victory and let yourself have this.

If you are interested in the idea of creating your own polymer clay jewelry, you have certainly found the right place at FireFly Art Supplies.

We have a wide range of products, including a library of colors that can help you get going. You can shop our Papa’s Clay polymer clay in any colors you like, though we recommend starting with black, white, and your favorite pops of color as you get adjusted.

We also have lots of other products like paints, varnishes, sealants, and clay tools that can help you to achieve the vision you have for your projects. This should cover any and all of your polymer clay needs to get started, so all you will need left are the jewelry components like hooks and elastic, depending on the type of jewelry you wish to make. We will leave the rest up to you to create the exact sorts of designs you want to see in your jewelry.

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