Precision Glass Cutting Mat Package
Precision Glass Cutting Mat
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Precision Glass Cutting Mat

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This tempered glass mat features a 13" grid with imperial and metric measurements, angle measurement lines and non-skid feet. It's an easy to clean, durable work surface and safe for hot glue use too. Also great for use as a paint and blending palette.

What's so great about a precision glass cutting mat, you may ask? For starters, it is a must have accessory for clay artists so they can work on a clean surface. Every time you start claying, you should have a clean workspace so that you don't get dirt and grime into your clay. Many surface types can be hard to thoroughly clean, but a precision glass cutting mat will be very easy to clean and maintain.

Another great feature of the precision glass cutting mat is that you can cut anything on top of it and it won't get scratched or ruined. Gone are the days of scratching your table or counter while claying. Or, having to put your clay on top of an uneven plate or cutting board.

Have you ever found yourself needing precise measurements while sculpting? Perhaps you want to ensure you are cutting two pieces the exact same length. The precision glass cutting mat has rulers that are easy to see and follow. It also has angles on it so you can cut at perfect angles.

And, one more reason why the precision glass cutting mat is so special: you can use it for almost anything. Painting, crafting, gluing, anything. When you are done excess craft materials can easily be scraped off for your next usage of the mat.