Dinosaur Polymer Clay Cutters Set

Dinosaur Polymer Clay Cutters Set

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Have you ever wanted a custom dinosaur polymer clay cutter? Well, we've got you covered in two separate dinosaur polymer clay cutter sizes. The smaller size is great for making dinosaur earrings and decorations. The larger cutter is great for all of your other dinosaur polymer clay cutter needs.

This Dinosaur polymer clay cutter set was designed and 3D printed by us at Firefly Art Supplies. We used professional-level CAD software to ensure we achieved perfect measurements and a sharp cutting edge on all of our polymer arch cutters. We use the highest quality PLA for the best print results too,

Our polymer dinosaur cutters will actually cut a perfect dinosaur out of your clay. And, these dinosaur clay cutters come with custom designed and printed pushers to easily remove clay from the cutters.

Our dinosaur polymer clay cutters set contains the following length cutter sizes (height at the highest point x width):

  • Roughly 1"x1"
  • Roughly 1.6"x1.6"

Color of cutters you receive may vary.

Please contact us if you interested in a different size or custom design! Do you love these custom polymer clay cutters but still want something ever more custom? Please contact us - we don't charge a design fee for cutters that can be resold to other artists.