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Christmas Tree Polymer Clay Cutter

Christmas Tree Polymer Clay Cutter

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This polymer clay Christmas Tree cutter, or pine tree cutter, was designed and 3D printed by us at Firefly Art Supplies. We used professional-level CAD software to ensure we achieved perfect measurements and a sharp cutting edge on all of our polymer clay tree cutters. We use the highest quality PLA for the best print results too,

Our Christmas Tree clay cutter, or pine tree clay cutter, will actually cut a perfect Christmas Tree shape out of your clay.

This Christmas Tree cutter measures just over one inch from top to bottom.

You can get a perfect tree look by lining up some brown clay on the bottom and green clay on the top. Then line up the tree trunk portion of the cutter to your clay and press down. You'll get a perfect tree!

Color of cutters you receive may vary.

Please contact us if you interested in a different size or custom design!

Special tip if you are using Papa's Clay and multiple colors

Please use this trick if you are using Papa's Clay and multiple colors to make your tree because Papa's Clay is not as sticky as some other clays. After you prepare your slab, put a piece of plastic wrap over the slab and press the clay cutter into the slab through the plastic wrap. This will ensure that all the colors stick together and come out of the cutter easily.