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  • 20 Inspirational Ideas for Polymer Clay Earrings

    Artists are always on the hunt for new media from which they can extract their visions. Polymer clay is just simply perfect for that, and if you’r...
  • Among Us Polymer Clay Tutorial - Papa's Clay

    Make an Among Us Character out of Papa's Clay polymer clay in this polymer clay tutorial.
  • Hair Barrette Polymer Clay Tutorial

    Make a polymer clay jewelry hair barrette out of some flowers, polymer clay, and a blank hair barrette.
  • Creative Craft Ideas for Black Polymer Clay

    The color black doesn’t get enough attention - some insist it isn’t even a color! To be fair, they have a point, since black is the “color” you se...
  • Mushroom Polymer Clay Tutorial

    We're going to make a simple polymer clay mushroom in this polymer clay tutorial using three colors of Papa's Clay.
  • 10 Must-Have Tools for Molding Clay

    Getting into clay crafts is a great pastime. It has so many different benefits, and above all, is amazingly enjoyable. Just like other artistic pu...
  • Polymer Clay Flower Tutorial

    This polymer clay flower tutorial will show you how to make a realistic looking flower out of Papa's Clay polymer clay
  • Polymer Clay Tutorial - Make a Flower Pot, and Kawaii Version, with Papa's Clay

    Make a flower pot and kawaii flower pot using Papa's Clay by following this polymer clay tutorial.
  • Polymer Clay Gnome Tutorial - Make a gnome with Papa's Clay

    Beginner's polymer clay tutorial for sculpting a polymer clay gnome out of Papa's Clay polymer clay.
  • How to Make Polymer Clay Jewelry

    Have you ever dreamed of making your own polymer clay jewelry? You may already know what type of jewelry and what designs you would like to make. ...
  • Beginner Polymer Clay Tutorial - Make a cloud with Papa's Clay

    Beginner's Polymer Clay tutorial for making a cloud out of white Papa's Clay polymer clay and scrap clay.
  • Rainbow Gradient Polymer Clay Tutorial

    We will teach you how to easily make a rainbow gradient in this polymer clay tutorial using only three Papa's Clay colors.