What makes the best polymer clay cutters

Ever wonder what makes for the best polymer clay cutters? There are so many options, colors, prices, shapes, sizes, and more! It can be hard to keep track of all the options - and if you are looking for the best polymer clay cutters you want to "cut" through all the uncertainty. And, of course with so many 3D printed polymer clay cutter options you  need to know what to look out for.

We created this guide to help you find the best polymer clay cutters. We're also happy to say that all of the 3D printed polymer clay cutters we create meet all of the criteria we've listed below.


You don't want your polymer clay cutters to be flimsy or to snap apart in your hands. So, of course the best polymer clay cutters will be durable and will last. They don't need to be the strongest metal on earth by any means, just something that is solid and feels durable in your hands.


Sometimes a higher price tag means better quality, but not always. Plus, if something is too expensive then no one will be able to enjoy it. At the other end of the spectrum, you should be skeptical of polymer clay cutters that are too cheap.

Keep an eye out for reasonably priced polymer clay cutters and splurge if the cutter truly justifies a high price tag.

Cutting edge

The best polymer clay cutters will need to have a good cutting edge. But, determining if a polymer clay cutter has a good cutting edge can be hard if you don't know what to look for. You can use these criteria to determine if a polymer clay cutter has a good cutting edge. And remember, our cutters have great cutting edges and meet all the criteria in this article.

Too blunt

A blunt cutting edge will not cut at all. A blunt cutting edge will just push clay and make for very messy shapes. These shapes will require a lot of sanding and care to attempt to salvage them.

Thin but not sharp

If the cutting edge is not clean and sharp, you will have similar results as a blunt cutting edge and you will likely leave other marks in your clay.

Ridges that need to be sanded

If the shapes are not clean, the cutting edges are not clean or just the wrong shape you will need to spend a long time fixing your cut outs.


Small imperfections can totally ruin a cutout and cannot be fixed often. These can come from problems while printing or poor understanding of modeling software.

Positive and Negative

A good cutting edge will allow you to use the piece that you cut out along with the part of clay that it was cut from. A bad cutting edge will destroy the clay you are cutting out from.


Removing small pieces

 Finally, small detail cutters are great for tiny parts, but pieces of clay often get stuck in them. The best polymer clay cutters will have a mechanism to remove small pieces without ruining them.


If you want the best polymer clay cutters, please look out for all of the items listed in this article. And remember, we designed our polymer clay cutters to be the best and most affordable so please check them out at https://fireflyart.supplies/collections/clay-cutters/firefly-cutters.

Don't see what you're looking for - please contact us about custom requests!

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