Polymer Clay can Turn Antiques into a Special Treasure - Marko Lovrenski

Marko Lovrenski has a special talent for turning the ordinary into a special and unique treasure using Papa's Clay polymer clays.



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ENGJust a small reflection with you my friends today. 99,99% of the people would call this a junk. Some old broken stuffs that should be thrown away. But not us. I'm looking at some cool steampunk mechanisms, one lock for a hidden treasure, an old lantern holding something secret, an ancient magic box hiding something that should not be revealed to the world, a small wooden dragon egg chest. We are rich guys because we can see things noone can. All you need are 3 secret words: Passion, Patience and Immagination. Have a nice day and stay safe and creative. . . . ITA Solo una piccola riflessione con voi amici miei oggi. Il 99,99% delle persone lo definirebbe spazzatura. Alcuni vecchi oggetti rotti che dovrebbero essere gettati via. Ma non noi. Io vedo alcuni fantastici meccanismi steampunk, una serratura per un tesoro nascosto, una vecchia lanterna che contiene qualcosa di segreto, un'antica scatola magica che nasconde qualcosa che non dovrebbe essere rivelato al mondo, un piccolo scrigno in legno contenente uova di drago. Siamo ricchi perché possiamo vedere cose che nessuno può vedere. Tutto ciò di cui abbiamo bisogno sono 3 parole segrete: passione, pazienza e immaginazione. Vi auguro una splendida giornata piena di creatività.

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He's turned some ordinary looking antiques into a special dragon lock box.  The best part:  he walks you through his whole process.  Marko provides tips, tricks, and tutorials.

In this series, he shows us how to use Papa's clay, special textures, and pigments.



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Making a dragons chest lock. Just a small wip today. This project is too big and too complicated to be shown in few tutorials. However I'll keep posting different steps and tutorials during this work. Polymer clay used is @papas_clay textures used are from @_g.f.art_. Thank you for watching. . . . #papasclay #polymerclay #polimernaglina #polymerclaycreations #polymerclayart #polymerclaytutorial #polymerclayartist #clay #clayart #claywork #clayartist #miniature #miniatures #markolovrenskiart

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Take a look to see what he's made using Papa's Clay polymer clays! Truly all that is needed is a bit of imagination and some Papa's Clay polymer clay to create magical, one of a kind pieces of art!




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An old wooden vine box + few pieces of an old broken clock + some Papa's Clay and the dragon lock for this magic box is born. Stay tuned for more, this is only the beginning 😜. Polymerclay used is @papas_clay textures used are from @_g.f.art_ pigments are Pearl Ex from @jacquardproducts . . . #polymerclay #polimernaglina #polymerclaycreations #polymerclayart #polymerclaytutorial #polymerclayartist #clay #clayart #claywork #clayartist #magic #dragon #enchanted #wizard #fantasy #fantasyart #fantasycreature #handmade #handcrafted #diy #markolovrenskiart

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