Hair Barrette Polymer Clay Tutorial

We're going to make a simple hair barrette in this polymer clay tutorial using just a few colors of Papa's Clay and the Polymer Clay flowers we made in a previous tutorial.

Here's what you will need to get started:

If you don't have any of these tools, it's okay, you can use all sorts of things you have lying around the house like toothpicks, needles, pens, etc.

Step 1 - Condition the Clay

Papa's Clay conditions differently than other types of clay. It just needs some gentle rolling and heat from your hands. Make sure to condition your clay before you start working with it. Small pieces take just a few seconds to condition and big pieces can take up to a minute or two. You can use a hair dryer to condition it even quicker.

Step 2 - Add some clay to a blank hair barrette

Blank Hair Barrette


Take your hair barrette and the color you want to use as a base. Add a small amount of your base color polymer to the hair barrette.


Clay on the barrette


Use your fingers and knife to smooth it out and trim off any excess clay. Keep on smoothing your polymer clay out until you get a nice, level, and consistent layer of polymer clay.


Flowers ready to be added


Step 3 - Add some liquid clay or glue to your barrette


Adding liquid clay


Add some liquid clay to your barrette so the flowers will stick to it. If you don't have liquid clay, you can use super glue. Liquid clay will be easier to use because you will not have a time limit to move and position the flowers.


Step 4 - Add and arrange your flowers


Add your flowers in a nice arrangement so they fit neatly on the hair barrette.

Step 5 - Bake your hair barrette

Polymer Clay Hair Barrettes
Now you have a new polymer clay hair barrette that was super-easy to create! Next time mix up the colors to get even more pretty polymer clay jewelry barrettes!
Check out the video tutorial here:

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