How to make clay earrings for beginners

How to make clay earrings


This polymer clay tutorial is all about how to make clay earrings for beginners. We want to show you how easy and fun it is to get started, so you can use your imagination and creativity to take your jewelry and earring making to the next level.

We wanted to make our how to make clay earrings guide be as simple to follow as possible, so we are only using three colors total for two slightly different styles.

Here's what you will need to get started:

Our first polymer clay earrings are going to be made using white polymer clay and lilac polymer clay.

The first step is to condition the lilac polymer clay and get it nice and workable. Then use an acrylic roller or pasta machine to get it into a thin slab of polymer clay. Repeat these two steps with a smaller amount of white polymer clay too.

Lilac Polymer Clay

When you're wondering how to make clay earrings, there are so many different styles and options to make wonderful earrings. But, we are going to stick to a simple design to help new artists get started. So, we are going to use some simple geometrical shapes for our earrings.

If you have polymer clay shape cutters, they will make the next few steps very easy, but they are not necessary. You can use all sorts of items from around the house to get different shapes and different sizes that you can use for patterns or guides. We're using a few different types of clay cutters for our how to make clay earrings guide - you can purchase some relatively cheaply, or even make your own too.

Take your clay cutter, or pattern/shape, and cut out a bunch of small white circles. Put your white circles on top of your lilac polymer clay slab and arrange them in random places. Keep on filling up your lilac clay with the little white circles until you have covered enough space for two earring cutouts.

Lilac & White Polymer Clay

Once you are happy with the way your polymer clay slab is covered with white circles, you are ready to cut out your earrings. This step is easiest if you have some oval clay cutters, but you can use many different tools around the house to help cut out an oval shape. You can even use cookie cutters. But, clay cutters are easier because they are made with very thin lines so that you can easily cut clay out.

Polymer Clay Cutter

Take your oval clay cutter and press it into your slab. Repeat this for a second earring. Remove your excess clay so that you are left with your clay earrings. You need to make a hole at the top of your earrings to put the earring hardware through. If you have some good circle clay cutters then you can use those before baking. If not, then you can drill a small hole after baking.

For our next step, we are going to focus on how to make clay earrings using the same concepts as before but a slightly different pattern.

This time, we are going to use a smaller circle shape earring for the base and small triangles for the pattern.

Condition your koral polymer clay and a smaller amount of white polymer clay and roll them into slabs. Then use or create a triangle cutter to cut out pieces of your white clay and place them on your koral polymer clay. And, fill up your koral polymer clay until you are happy with the result. Finally, your circle clay cutters to cut out two earrings bases.

Koral Polymer Clay

Take all of your clay earrings and bake them. When they are done you can finish them with some gloss to help protect them or you can finish them by adding the earring hardware.

Circle Cutout

If you were wondering how to make clay earrings, we hope that we were able to help! Let us know if there are any other tutorials or instructions you'd like us to focus on next.

Lilac earrings
Koral earrings

Please view our video tutorial on how to make clay earrings to see more step-by-step directions:

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