How to make a Pokemon Ball out of polymer clay


Polymer clay pokemon ball

This tutorial will show you how to make a Pokemon ball (Poké Ball) out of polymer clay using Papa’s Clay.

Have you ever wondered how to make your own miniature Pokemon ball out of of polymer or just wanted your own Poké Ball? It's surprisingly easy to make one for yourself and use it for a keychain, accessory, or just for fun.

To make your own Pokemon Ball out of polymer clay here are the supplies we used:

  • White Polymer Clay -
  • Red Polymer Clay -
  • Black Polymer Clay -
  • Two part mold mix -
  • Papa's Clay softening oil -

You’ll need a marble and some two part mold mix and a marble to get started. We're using Amazing Mold Putty because it is so easy to use and creates really strong molds. Combine your A&B from the two part mold and mix it together until you get a uniform color. Then, try to get it into a square’ish shape. Put a marble in it halfway through and try to flatten out the top as much as possible so you can get a flush half-circle. The more flat you can get the top of the mold, the more uniform the halves of your Pokemon Balls will be.

marble in mold

Let your mold cure fully so it is nice and hard and you won't have to worry about it getting messed up in any next steps. Condition some white clay and put it in the mold. Try to remove as much excess clay as you can. Either bake your clay in the mold or put the mold in the freezer before you pop the clay out so that it maintains its shape. Repeat this step with your red clay.

white clay in mold


After you bake the two halves, sand them down if they are not flat. Get a super thin layer of black and cut a cirlce out of it. Combine your white, black, and red clay then bake them. I’m using Papa’s Clay Softening Oil to help them stick together. You need only a very small amount of the oil.

sanding clay

To add the black circle that contains the buttons, you can either cut a small circle out of your clay or add the new black clay on top of your ball. Either way, add a small black circle to your Pokemon ball.

Black cirlce

Cut out a small white circle and place it on top of the black clay. Then, cut out an even smaller white circle and add that on top of the first. You can use some glue, conditioning oil, or even transparent liquid clay to keep everything together while assembling it all. At this point, you're well on your way to having your own Pokemon Ball made out of polymer clay.

Bake your Pokemon Ball (Poké Ball) for the final time and you're all done, almost. If you have some glossy varnish, you can add that to your white and red halves to help them look like a metal material. And, now you're done and you've made a Pokemon Ball out of polymer clay!


final piece

If you'd like to watch the tutorial you can find it on our channel here:

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