How to make a candy cane out of polymer clay

This super simple polymer clay tutorial will show you how to make a candy cane out of polymer clay. These polymer clay candy canes are great for decoration, jewelry, and other holiday embellishments.

Polymer Clay Candy Cane


To get started you only need a few items and some optional tools to help make everything easier:

The first step is to roll out a small slab of red and while polymer clay.

Red and white polymer clay slabs

Then use a cutting blade to make a bunch of small cuts until you have roughly the length of the candy cane cutter out of white clay. You can experiment with the different sizes of white clay that you want for your stripes.

Next, cut a bunch of small red slices out of your red clay. These slices should be significantly thinner than the white slices you made. Of course you can experiment with colors and widths to get the desired polymer clay candy cane effect.

Once you have enough slices of each color, start putting the pieces together: one white, then one red, and repeat. When your new slab is big enough to cut out you can move on to the next step.

Candy cane slab

Using saran wrap or plastic wrap when you cut out pieces can be pretty helpful. But, when you are cutting out colors that are not really blended it is a must step. So, cover your new slab with some saran wrap or plastic wrap.

Saran wrap covered polymer clay

Push your candy cane polymer clay cutter into your covered polymer clay and push down to make sure that you have cut through the clay. Then carefully remove your cutter and clay and your polymer clay candy cane will be complete!

Polymer clay candy cane

You can also check out the video tutorial we put together to help you further:


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