Fall Head Over Heels for These Fall-Themed Black Polymer Clay Crafts

Making crafts from polymer clay can be one of the most relaxing yet rewarding activities to indulge yourself in. Creating these crafts can be exciting no matter what or when you’re making them, but they are especially so when they are themed for the season you’re in!

We all know just how special the fall season can be. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is cooling off, delicious fruits and vegetables are ready to be harvested, and even Halloween is thrown into the mix. It’s one of the most enjoyable and creativity-provoking seasons of the year!

That is why we have made a list of some unique and fun fall-themed crafts you can create at home with black polymer clay, along with other stunning clay colors!

Black Cat

There are several symbols of fall, but also Halloween. The infamous black cat is just one of them. You can make a gorgeous black cat out of polymer clay, but you have a few options on its outcome and design.

You could make an actual black cat figurine as a beautiful fall decoration on any table or window ledge. You could really take that black cat figurine a step further as well. Why not make it a salt shaker?

Speaking of kitchenware, you could even make a bowl that is simply a black cat’s face with ears protruding out! The options are truly endless. You can also accentuate all of these black cat creations by adding eyes and red noses using accurately colored polymer clay besides black.

Black Bat

On the topic of fall/Halloween symbols, you could also create something that is or has a black bat! You can of course create figurines that would be great decorations throughout your house as well.

If you have enough black polymer clay, you could create several adorable black bat figures and disperse them in various places in your house! You could also give them away as gifts, use them to decorate your car, or even your workplace!

Fall-Tastic Earrings

One of the most classic polymer clay creations to whip up are earrings. Creating earrings with polymer clay can be easy, fun, and infinitely unique! You can also make a pair of earrings that cater to the fall season!

Your options are endless on this option. You can make earrings from black polymer clay that are black cats, bats, jack-o-lanterns, crescent moons, wolves, ghosts, candy corn, witch shoes, witch hats, and even leaves!

With the right tools, especially a needle tool, you could carve out a cute word or phrase that correlates with the season. It could say something as intricate as “Happy Halloween” or  relatively simple like “Fall.”   

Spooky Necklace Pendant

On the topic of unique jewelry pieces, we would be remiss to exclude pendants! Just like you can whip up fall-tastic earrings, you can do the same with pendants for necklaces. The same types of options can be used to make necklace pendants as the earrings.

You could really have more fun with the necklace pendant, however, because you can make larger creations! You can carve out larger phrases or even more intricate designs. What about a witch riding a broom in the night sky? Or a wolf howling at the moon?

These pendants can be an excellent accessory for any outfit during the autumn season, whether Halloween is past or not!

Howling Wolf Plate

Have you thought about creating something fall or Halloween-themed that could also complete your kitchenware collection? Then you should try making a plate, specifically a howling wolf plate.

With the use of black polymer clay, make a small to medium-sized plate that is the profile of a wolf howling. That would be a unique piece to add to your kitchen cabinets while also “wow”ing your guests. You could use it for various purposes, like holding candy corn, chocolates, or other yummy treats!


Who said that ornaments are solely meant to be displayed during the Christmas season? With your polymer clay, you can design and carve fall-themed ornaments and display them in various places in your home, workplace, or even your car.

With the assistance of your needle tool and loop tool, you can sublimely create ornaments of varying fall/Halloween designs: bats, witches, wolves, jack-o-lanterns, spiders, or really anything your heart desires. Then, you can have even more fun displaying them.

You could hang them from a wall, an indoor live or fake plant, or even from your window using a suction cup!

When you are looking to properly create and decorate your home or other spaces with fall-themed objects, “leaf” it to black polymer clay and your imagination to make it happen! Be sure to browse all of our clay offerings to find the right kind for you and your beautiful creations!

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