Creative Craft Ideas for Black Polymer Clay

The color black doesn’t get enough attention - some insist it isn’t even a color! To be fair, they have a point, since black is the “color” you see when a material absorbs all other visible wavelengths of light, reflecting none back to your eyes. It is then, the absence of color.

But color or not, black is overlooked by crafters, despite the fact that black polymer clay is a perfectly suitable medium for several different crafts. In fact, the truth is that black is, in some of these following situations, the perfect choice!

  • Create a two-toned vase or valet tray

Black, being a neutral tone, is ideal for little crafts and items that you don’t want to announce themselves too brightly. You can make a demure little valley tray from black polymer clay and keep it by a door so you can drop off your effects (or pick them up) before heading out the door.

Black clay is also great for creating little vases for cut flowers, or for artificial floral arrangements. Being neutral, it won’t clash with the brightness of the blossoms - but you can add in a little white for some stark contrast if that’s what you prefer.

  • Create a unique paperweight

Black’s unique status as a neutral tone makes it the perfect medium for creating a little paperweight. Drop it on your desk to keep things in order and it won’t clash, argue or fuss with the color scheme of your office. It’s also a five-minute project, not counting the baking time.

  • Match the color and make a miniature model of an animal

Have you ever noticed how many animals are black or predominantly black? Making miniatures is enjoyable and therapeutic for both adults and children, and you can try your skills at making a little penguin, spider, black cat, or anything else that suits your fancy.

  • Make a neutral floral arrangement - think black and white!

Obviously, you can make beautiful little floral arrangements with colored polymer clay, ones that can even reflect the true-to-life beauty of the subject. However, with black and white polymer clay, you can make “photonegative” floral arrangements that will have the air of a modern-art display or even a charcoal sketch.

  • Black polymer clay beads create contrast!

Create a few black polymer clay beads or decorations to add some grounding and contrast to your more colorful displays!

  • Ideal for little curios or decorations for gift bags and boxes

Looking for a unique way to add character and charm to a gift box or the tag on a gift bag? Sculpt little decorative fixtures or ornaments and send them on their way, but don’t be afraid to add in a little color with this one!

  • Black is the perfect color for a polymer clay incense holder

Black polymer clay is a great medium for creating incense holders for two important reasons. One, the clay won’t burn, which makes it safe as an incense burner when used responsibly. Secondly, heat and ash won’t discolor it, so if it gets a little burned, no one will notice!

  • Halloween decorations and black polymer clay go perfect together - but get some yellow and orange, too!

You probably don’t need us to tell you that black is the staple seasonal color for Halloween. Black polymer clay can be your greatest asset for creating little ornaments, sculptures and decorations for your Halloween displays, but don’t forget to add in some white, yellow and orange!

  • A jewelry tray or ring cone is an easy, quick craft

You can also make a wonderfully useful ring cone or jewelry tray with black polymer clay, and black is the perfect color because it doesn’t take anything away from the glitter and sparkle of your finery. If you need a little contrast or movement, consider a white swirl design through the black matrix.

  • Make a little black holder for a tea light

You can also use black polymer clay to create a little holder for a tea light, which can be used to create accent or mood lighting in a setting - they’re great for dinner parties and other gatherings. Also, black is easy to incorporate into almost any interior design without clashing.

  • Create a more comfortable zipper pull - black is perfect!

Finally, if your zippers have a way of losing themselves, you can make a zipper pull from black polymer clay, and black is the ideal color. Neutral and unassuming, it is very easy to work black into most outfits, making it one of the most versatile “colors” out there.

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