Among Us Polymer Clay Tutorial - Papa's Clay

We're going to make an Among Us Character out of Papa's Clay polymer clay in this tutorial.

Among Us Polymer Clay Tutorial


Here's what you will need to get started:

Step 1 - Condition the Clay

Papa's Clay conditions differently than other types of clay. It just needs some gentle rolling and heat from your hands. Make sure to condition your clay before you start working with it. Small pieces take just a few seconds to condition and big pieces can take up to a minute or two. You can use a hair dryer to condition it even quicker.

Step 2 - Make the body out of clay

Work your main color of Papa's Clay into a tube or cylinder and get it as smooth as you are able to. Take a tool, knife, or something else and put it in the middle of one end of your tube and push in to make the legs.

Making Among Us Legs


From there, you just have to gently work it with your finger and your tools to get it to the right shape. Move some parts around. Push them parts, in smooth it out. Keep on working your clay until it starts to look like a chunky "A".

Among Us Character Body

Step 3 - Make the backpack

The backpack is very easy to make. Take some more of your main color Papa's Clay and work it into a rectangle. Gently place the rectangle on the back of your Among Us character.

Among Us Backpack

This is a great time to bake your clay so that it does not get smashed in any of the next steps.

Step 4 - Make the Among Us Visor

Take your gray polymer clay and make it into an ellipse shape. Place the visor on the front of your Among Us character. Push in the sides and use your fingers to work it into the correct shape. The visors kind of look like three dimensional ellipses.

Among Us Visor
You can either pain on the additional colors of the visor, or you can make them out of clay. We opted to make everything out of Papa's Clay.
Cut a portion of the visor out so that you can replace it with a different color to represent the glare on the Character's visor. This make our visor look totally seamless compared to it looking like multiple layers of clay put on top of each other.
Visor partially made


Bake your polymer clay Among Us character now so that nothings gets smashed in the upcoming steps.

After your Among Us character has been baked, mix some Sky Blue polymer clay with some of your gray clay. Then, fill in the portion of the visor that you cut out with the polymer clay that you just mixed.

Two-tone Among Us Character Visor


Once the new part of the visor is totally flush with the gray polymer clay, cut out a small section in the upper right hand corner to get the brightest glare. If you have a ball stylus, you can use it to smooth out the section you removed.

Bright Glare


Bake your clay so that you don't smash what you made so far.

Once your clay has cooled down, fill in the hole with some white clay. Make it as flush as possible and remove any excess.

Polymer Clay Among Us Character
Bake your polymer clay Among Us character one final time and then you're all done!
You can experiment with different colors and shades. And, you can add whatever details you want like skins, pets, or hats to give your handmade Among Us Characters a finished look.
Check out the whole tutorial below:

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